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Posted by on July 20, 2013


Guaranteed 50K in 30 Days* ( Review)

Guaranteed50Kin30Days Get a Video like this FREE!

One time $50 outlay with a Pay Plan so unique, we guarantee that you will earn $50,000 in 30 days or your money back! (and you can pay with your credit card.) This was only launched 10 days ago, and NOW is the time to get on-board! Don’t delay, $50K Guaranteed has a forced matrix in which you may receive spillover if you get in at the right time, the time is NOW! Wednesday is payday.  In the US you choose either a check in the mail or Payoneer.  International members should use Payoneer.

Hello and Welcome to the Wealth Building Opportunity you’ve Always Dreamed about!

We are Rob and Bea, already Proud members of $50K Guaranteed Private Millionaires Club. It’s a Brilliant,Revolutionary Pay Plan designed for the 98% of those who have never before made a dime online!!! And the Best news is, it only requires a one-time out of pocket expense of $50 and comes with a Full Guarantee that you will earn $50,000 in 30 days!
Guaranteed50Kin30Days best Team Rob and Bea

This is truly one of the best opportunities to come along in decades. This is ”The program” to finally make all your financial dreams come true!
All you have to do is join and follow the simple, step by step training videos. This is a a 30 day video training course that anyone can follow and be mega successful. We are talking about a process which is so simple, your grandma, and grandpa can easily accomplish. *Note: It doesn’t matter who the sponsor is, if a member falls into your 5X5 Matrix, you earn.

The owners are Brian Barnhouse and Steve Borgman from Nebraska.

I’m only looking for 5 serious minded individuals for right now to work with. So if you are not committed to working this business for the next 30 days then please don’t join. With your commitment and our team’s resources we all can achieve success.

Watch the movie, buy the course ($50 one time – no monthly fee) and let’s change our lives and the lives of many others. (There’s a phase 2 “Millionaire Matrix” as well) but it is totally optional.

YOU CAN DO THIS! The 3 products $50K offers will LEAD YOU STEP BY STEP TO SUCCESS! It’s Guaranteed!*
Guaranteed50Kin30Days Team work

This is as SIMPLE AS IT GETS! Anyone with desire to finally make all your Dreams Come True CAN DO THIS!

GET IN QUICK! $50K in 30 Days Guaranteed was only launched 10 days ago! It has a force filled matrix. THOSE WHO ACT NOW COULD RECEIVE SPILLOVER!

We are working full-time to make this happen in 30 days, with or without you, but we would Love to have you on our team.  You have NOTHING TO LOSE (except sleep once you check it out and become as excited as we are) IT’S 100% GUARANTEED! *Note: It doesn’t matter who the sponsor is, if a member falls into your 5X5 Matrix, you earn.

Watch the videos on the website, but here is a thumbnail sketch about the 50k in 30 days opportunity.

You enroll for a one time fee of $50 for which you receive 3 Awesome products.

You’ll receive one video a day teaching you how to build this business in easy to follow step by step instructions. Follow the plan to the “T” and it’s almost impossible not to become a “Super-Star!” Watch this video, it explains the products in great detail, have a look …………..

The Online Money Flow, is a video E-course that explains how money is created and what it takes to make YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. You’ll learn some brilliant financial concepts/principles. This is real practical advice. Some things in life are so obvious that we can’t see them right before our very own eyes.

Learn the actual source which the “Gurus” keep hidden from all of us “wanna-be’s,” we are talking about getting the kind of results we all want/need. Invaluable resources, when used as explained, this “Secret Information” can very well be the keys to the proverbial “Wealth Castle.”

Compensation details:

It’s a 5X5 forced matrix-not company forced.

From the $50 it pays out the following on each level:

Here’s a great illustration:

50K matrix 1
See where it says: *Note: It doesn’t matter who the sponsor is, if a member falls into your 5X5 Matrix, you earn.

WE ARE HOLDING YOUR TICKET TO FINANCIAL PARADISE! If you want it, come and get it …………….
As spectacular as the “50K in 30 DAYS” program is, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Hang on to your seat belt, imagine the same “5X Forced Matrix” with a potential payout of A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR! How about EARNING $200 ON YOUR 1ST LEVEL AND $300 ON YOUR 5TH LEVEL FOR EVERY MEMBER WHO JOINS! Check this out!! matrix 2
Same thing, Note: It doesn’t matter who the sponsor is, if a member falls into your 5X5 Matrix, you earn.
It is not required to participate in “THE MILLIONAIRES CLUB,” but if you decided to, $50K in 30 Days Guaranteed”* actually becomes a two step program, and I’m not talking about dancing in Texas ;-)
Here is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth: As members join your “50K in 30 Days Guaranteed” team, many of them will be attracted to “THE BIG MONEY,” that’s only human, right? That’s what we call “THE PRIVATE MILLIONAIRES CLUB.” BUT, HERE’S THE DEAL: If one of your team members joins the PMC and you are not a member, guess what? “It ain’t good ;-) for your financial well-being so take a look at this video and at least think about it, you can charge it to your credit card and even pay in 2 installments.

So no extra work on your part as far as building your team. The cost for this is $1,000 per year or you can pay in two $550 Installments and you can put it on your credit card.

Brian and Steve (owners of Guaranteed 50K in 30 Days*) believe that the easiest way to achieve “TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM” is through surrounding yourself with successful people who have already achieved some degree of success in life, and/or those who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. “THE MILLIONAIRES CLUB” provides the platform and the opportunity to do just that by “MASTERMINDING” with the “EAGLES,” (like minded individuals) in GUARANTEED 50K IN 30 DAYS.*” This is the first business of it’s kind which gives you and I the vehicle, the training, and compensation plan to achieve the status of earning over a MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.”

Guaranteed50Kin30Days Key West ConventionA “MILLIONAIRES CLUB MEMBERS CONFERENCE” has already been scheduled for November 2013 in the Beautiful, Enchanting, Florida Keys. And a convention for all members is scheduled for Mid-April in Las Vegas “Baby!” These will be very special conferences/seminars that will include ‘PRIVATE MASTERMIND” gatherings as well as having keynote speakers at these events. You want to “RUN WITH THE BIG DOGS?” This is it, your opportunity to become a “SHOOTING STAR!”


as well as “THE PRIVATE MILLIONAIRES CLUB” are a “TRUE TEAM EFFORT!” Don’t forget, If anyone falls into your matrix you get paid whether you sponsored them ore not. THIS IS THE POWER OF OF A BRILLIANT COMPENSATION PLAN AND PERFECTLY DEFINES THE MEANING OF TRUE RESIDUAL INCOME!

But also remember, “there is no such thing as a Free Lunch,” don’t allow anyone to tell you it exists. But, we have the training to give you all the tools you will ever need to ACHIEVE GREATNESS WITH GUARANTEED 50K IN 30 DAYS if you will commit to sticking with the plan.

Quick Review of what’s in it for you:

1) Low cost, one time only $50.00, (no monthly fees.)

2) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee** Brian and Steve believe in you and their opportunity that much!

3) Free replicated website, capture/splash pages, autoresponder letter already written for you, banners, buttons, you name it, Brian and Steve provide it! Total Turn-Key marketing Package. All is missing is YOU!

4) Incredibly caring, loving, and accessible owners. Steve actually called us the day after we joined to personally welcome us aboard. Talk about genuine, down to earth owners, these guys top the charts! Watch the videos, listen to their story, they (we, and everyone on our team) are committed to helping one another to ACHIEVE FINANCIAL GREATNESS!

5) The Solution to the 98% failure rate! No monthly autoship, $50 one time membership, World-Class Traing on videos, true Team-Build combined effort, Maximum Income Potential! Two programs in one, $50K for those who are less inspired (or already financially set) and OVER A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR POTENTIAL for those of us who want TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM! (TO GO ANYWHERE YOU WANT AND DO WHATEVER IT IS YOUR HEART DESIRES.)

6) No attrition rate, (well, very few anyway) IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL! Brian and Steve have put together the ULTIMATE WEALTH BUILDING MEGA-STRUCTURE backed by the video training course, (that will lead you step-by-step to your fortune,) Incredible “Team-Build Comp Plan,” and a the platform into THE PRESTIGIOUS MILLIONAIRES CLUB.” FAILING STOPS HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Guaranteed50Kin30Days Team Benefits,

We have earned a full time income online for 14 years because of our honesty, integrity, and willingness to help EVERYONE! We will also provide those who join our team with a Free copy of the “Shooting Star Video, you may have viewed at the top of this post. Plus, we’ll include a splash page to go with the video (this is in addition to the one’s $50K already provides to everyone.) One of the KEYS TO MEGA-SUCCESS IN ANY BUSINESS IS TO BE UNIQUE, BY STANDING OUT FROM ALL THE REST!

* Weekly (or more frequent) live calls and/or webinars exclusively for our team members.

* Accessibility to us. We LOVE what we do, and are available most hours, 7 days a week.

* We are proud members of The Millionaires Club with access to the owners.

* Low cost, Blitz-Krieg style advertising co-op (in the intermediate planning stages as of 7-13-2013)
to a yet to be determined number of “Go-Getters,” exclusively for our team members.

* Much more to come, we only joined two days ago, we’re working overtime (and will continue to do so) to make $50K the Biggest, Most Lucrative Success Story Ever!
Guaranteed50kin30Days Team Bonus
* Everyone, regardless of your situation can do this. That’s what we love most about $50K.
This is “THE” PROGRAM BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE!” We would love to have you join us, and personally shake your hand in the Florida Keys in November, and/or Las Vegas in April. We have pushed “All-in” in our commitment to $50K, the only thing missing is you. Think about it today. Ask yourself if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired broke(?) And if you will ever achieve your DREAMS if you keep on doing what you are doing now? Don’t let past disappointments stop you from giving up on your dreams. “THE FUTURE TRULY DOES BELONG TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN THEIR DREAMS.” Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote stated in the 1940′s, it’s still very much true, alive, and well today. It helps (a LOT) towards achieving real success if you know what your dreams are, and making the decision to NOT ALLOWING ANYTHING TO STAND IN YOUR WAY! Come on in and join our Power Team Today, if you are ready to Become a Shooting Star, and the director of your OWN FINANCIAL EMPIRE! But remember, this is ultimately about you, and the combined efforts of your team members. if you are ready, let us Begin to ROCK $50k!

Guaranteed50kin30Days start earning immediately

** *Before joining Guaranteed50Kin30Days please read the Terms of Service of where the terms and conditions of the guarantee are stated. By joining you verify that you have read and agreed to the terms of service.

11 Responses to Guaranteed50Kin30Days Massive Team Build Started Today! Get the Facts, Get In, Get Referrals!

  1. admin

    Hi G50K Team Members (and future Members :-) ! Great to see you here! Please leave us a nice comment or feel free to answer any questions.

    To join our Guaranteed50kin30Days Ad Coop please use the Paypal Button on the right side of this page or contact us at

    Let’s Rock Guaranteed $50K in 30 Days !

  2. Olga Masten

    Hi everyone. And welcome to 50K. I’m rarin’ to go in this endeavor and delighted to be a member of the Gratitude Team. Rob and Bea are so supportive you can’t find a better upline. Plus, the plan they’ve implemented is absolutely great! I just KNOW “the Force” is with us all!

    • admin

      Hi Olga,

      We were out most of the afternoon at an appointment, I saw your email, and will
      send you a proper reply in just a bit. Always great to hear from you, thanks very much
      for joining in here.

    • admin

      Thanks so much Olga :-) We are all in G$50K together as one team. We are so happy to have you on board with us. Nonetheless, your comments are Greatly Appreciated :-) Rob and Bea

  3. Clinton Tyler Jr

    I really appreciate all the emails and tools you guys are providing us, helping us prosper with this opportunity. I’m really looking forward to getting to know every powerteam member. The blogs, co-op, and skype are all tools that i think are vital to us excelling in this program. Keep up the good work.

    Learn Together, Grow Together,


    • admin

      Hi Clinton,,
      Are we behind or what, so sorry to take so long to get back to you.
      This is the first moment I’ve had to even look here. We are eating snacks
      at our desks (for our meals) because we are too excited to stop going.
      You are a real pleasure to have on our team. BTW, I “friended” you on
      Skype. Not in there very much, but you have our email as well. Sta in
      touch, and let’s DO This!

      Smiles and Cheer.

    • admin

      Thanks very much Clinton, great to have you here. Please let us know if there is anything we can help with. Peace and Hope! Rob and Bea

  4. Hank Earles

    I apreciate being on your team

    I bought in to the coop again

    2 leads from first time so far

    Beate Steinfeldt (The recipient of this payment is Verified)

    Total amount:
    -$10.00 USD
    Fee amount:
    $0.00 USD
    Net amount:
    -$10.00 USD

    Item amount:
    $10.00 USD
    Sales Tax:
    $0.00 USD
    $0.00 USD
    $0.00 USD

    Item Title:
    Guaranteed50kin30Days Ad Coop
    Jul 24, 2013
    23:25:10 CDT

    • admin

      Hi Hank,

      I am so sorry to take so long to get back to you.
      We are up to our ears in “alligators” get more goodies
      together + helping people to get signed up.
      $50K is exploding, honestly, we have never before
      been in any program which has received this type of reception.
      New “Welcome” letter is ready, much shorter, and to the point
      than the old. We are trying to streamline, everything is
      coming together. We are Psyched to say the least!. We
      are so glad to have you on our team.


      Bea and Rob

  5. Jeff

    I don’t understand how to join. I sent you an email to your aol account about a week ago but never heard from you. Everytime I fill in my info and get to the order page I am given one option to pay through Payza but when I click through I get an error. Not sure what is going on. I sent a support email to B&B and they asked me for the exact page I was on because they no longer use Payza. This is confusing to say the least. I didn’t do anything fancy, I just followed the sign up process and everytime I was directed to pay through Payza.

    • admin

      Hi Jeff, we just answered you via Email.
      For anyone experiencing any kind of signup problems:
      Guaranteed50kin30Days has a cookie tracking system and can “lock in” a certain member’s web site
      through a tracking cookie. This is necessary to make sure everyone gets credit for their referrals but at the same time sometimes also can be a challenge.

      If you experience any kind of problems signing up, please clear your cookies/browsing history, restart your computer and this should take care of the problem.

      Always check on the actual signup page, that the name of the person you want to sign up with is listed at the top of the signup form.

      All the Best
      Rob and Bea

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